Self Study
Welcome to TAC House self study section. This section helps in building our knowledge source by agreeing with our self to learn and grow.

1. Learning Videos.
2. ILT.

+ Learning Videos
Welcome to TAC House Learning Videos sections, This is a comprehensive page providing recorded lectures, session clips , movie clips , and activity videos for purpose of learning.

This page provides video and audio lectures of part or whole courses conducted by faculty at various corporate houses around the country.

The content are either in-house designed or collected from various resources, our focus is to support facilitators build their resources for better delivery.

Service offering
Session videos/Audio.
Movie Clips for learning.
Activity Videos.
List of videos
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+ ILT (powered by AXZO Express)
TAC House in association with AXZO Express, brings you ILT and Crisp reading material.
About Axzo Press

For 10 years, Axzo Press has enhanced training and education for professionals, trainers, and students alike, through tested, high-quality Instructor-Led Training courseware, business skills texts, quick-reference tools, and custom job aids.

Our ILT textbooks are designed for one-to five-day classes for continuing education, commercial and corporate training, distance learning, and self-study.

Our 600+ courses are available off-the-shelf, in electronic form, or licensed through our ILT Custom Course software. We can also customize our curriculum for you.

List of programs
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